What I really like about Beneylu School is the security offered by the platform while working with students. It's fun, user-friendly, and the intuitive aspect makes it very easy to use.
Arnaud V.
Teacher, Year 4 (France)

Work daily on a website that has been designed specially for your primary school pupils

Support your pupils in an impressive online workspace. It’s easy to get the hang of Beneylu School and hold classes every day.


Discover a tool set to impress
your pupils

Get ready to tackle explosive experiments head-on for the science fair, take a round-the-world tour of breakfasts, and many more activities to come. Beneylu School covers everything.


Take parents along on your adventures!

Keep parents up-to-date on school news in real time. Reassure them with a little message while on school trips and invite them to view entries in the task notebook. Beneylu School takes the class on an adventure to be shared with families.


Organise school life

Easily register pupils, teachers and create classes. Work with your students and colleagues, communicate with the whole school and present school news to the entire world through the school website. Explore the school workspace with its exclusive applications.


Choose your applications according to your projects

Everyone has their own project at Beneylu School. Choose your personalised applications throughout the year, and personalise your site. Be blown away by the new features offered.

A series of applications that adapt to your projects

Sift through dozens of applications to find those that suit you best. Be blown away by the new features offered.

Especially designed for primary school

You'll feel at ease from the start, as will your pupils.

Beneylu School is entirely online: you can learn, play and read from the very first day without having to install anything.

Obligation free

Beneylu School is offered for free for the class, and has no advertising.

Prepare to set off on the Beneylu School adventure. Join the 25,000 classes that have already been registered.


Totally secure

Beneylu School is hosted in France.

You register your pupils and send their passwords to them. Your data remains safe.

Creator of happy moments

At Beneylu School, classroom life can be shared with families.

A school trip, a birthday, a reading challenge? Tell us about your most exciting activities.

25,000 classes have already been launched

A big thank you to your great team for giving us this amazing tool, for free! One that parents like as much as pupils and teachers do
Claire M.
Teacher, Year 2 (Nice, France)
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