A secure classroom organisation tool for primary schools

Build up your own resources network with an efficient cloud app: store all your classroom files for free in the Media Library and share them with your pupils

Manage your files in a free cloud storage designed for schools

Upload and share files all year-round with your pupils on a secure cloud storage space for schools. It is automatically installed on all devices!

Make use of a 5Go storage space

Use a 5Go storage space: namely more than 3000 HQ photos to store and share in your classroom!

Involve your pupils

Share a wide range of files with your pupils and let them take over their own folders! Create and store student portfolios to organise your classes.

Juggle all type of files

Need to build lessons from personal resources? Store and use pictures to illustrate History courses, share scientific experiment videos, work on audio files to support language classes and on PDFs or web contents to broaden your daily lessons.


A whole storage space devoted to your classroom

Make the most of a space utterly dedicated to Primary School teachers and pupils. Connected with various apps, the Media Library helps you store documents and organize files you want to share or simply backup.

Switch from one device to another

Access your cloud storage straight from any device. Store documents from the class computer and check student portfolios directly from your tablet at home. The Media Library is compatible with all your equipment!

My media library is flipped classroom in action. Each pupil has its own folder for maths, sciences, etc. I have my lessons folder, in which I assemble educational units, with a written test to assess pupils at the end of each lesson.