Add users to your classroom (pupils, parents and colleagues!)

Welcome in your classroom! Usually “classroom” goes with “pupils“. Here are a few steps for you to follow in order to add pupils within your classroom and to give each of them a username and a password.

classroom 1

This guide includes :

  1. Three never-failing methods to create accounts for your pupils.
  2. How to generate usernames and passwords for your pupils and their parents.
  3. Frequently asked questions :
  • How to change passwords ?
  • How to customize a teacher password ?
  • Is it possible for parents and pupils to customize their password ?

Add pupil 2

1- Three never-failing methods to create pupil accounts

First, click on the cogwheel at the left bottom of your screen to switch for management mode.

management mode 3

Welcome on the dashboard. It points out the users’ last loggings in real time, but for now, let’s focus on the “My Classroom” tab instead.

classroom dashboard 4


If you haven’t add any pupil yet, Beneylu Jim shows you the way :

BJ pupil 5

First method

On the top left of your screen, click on “Add a new user” and then on “add a new pupil“.

addpupil first way 6

On this new page, write your pupil’s Name, First name, Gender and Date of birth (optional).

Tip : If you decide to enter your pupils’ birthdays, the Calendar App will wish them all a “happy birthday”.

Click on “Create and add another pupil”. Once you have added the last one of your list, click on “Create pupil account”.

addpupil 7


Second method

By clicking on “Use fast input”, you can copy pupils’ datas from a file of yours (Word document or Excel, for instance) and paste them directly onto Beneylu School.


Use M or F format to indicate Gender and dd/mm/aaaa format for the Date of Birth.

fastinput 8

Click on “Check your entry“, then on “Confirm addition” if all is correct. You just added pupils in a flash !

fastinput 9


Things always come in threes 

You can also add pupils by clicking on “Add a new user” and then on “Import my pupils from CSV file” on the drop-down menu.

CSV 10


A CSV file is a data list you need to enter on a spreadsheet (like Excel or OpenOffice Calc.) in order to create accounts for all of your pupils. Beneylu School accepts Simplified format.

Select Simplified format before uploading your file.

simplified 11

Little tip : You will find a Simplified format example at the very bottom of the import page, as well as one “Simplified format” template to be downloaded and completed. Feel free to use them both !

CSV 12

Upload your file to create accounts for your pupils. That’s all there is to it !

The creation of a pupil account automatically generates a parent account.

pupilaccount 13

Here you are with a classroom worthy of the name !


2- Generate usernames and passwords for your pupils and their parents

Now it’s time to create usernames and passwords to your pupils (and to their parents) for them to hook up to their Beneylu School classroom. To do so, go back to “My classroom” and click on “Generate a form for the class“, at the top of the page.

create a form

Accept to generate the form. You are about to upload a PDF file in which you will find usernames and passwords for each of your pupils and their parents. The last thing you need to do is to pass these codes on to them, individually, for them to hook up to the classroom.


You can generate :

  • 1 form for your pupils
  • 1 form for parents
  • 1 form for both pupils and parents
  • 1 customised form for a selection of pupils and/or parents of your choice.

Definitely made to measure.


Once you print your forms, follow the doted lines to cut them easily. Isn’t it all you have always dreamed of ?


Careful, it is a confidential form : don’t lose it !


3- Frequently asked questions

How to change users’ passwords on Beneylu School ? (Yes, even yours!)


When you connect to your Beneylu School classroom for the first time, you can change your password, as a teacher.

To do so, switch to “Management mode”.

management mode

On the Dashboard, click on “My classroom”. Then, click on your form.


Now, click on “Create a new password” at the top of the page. Choose your own password thanks to the Password Wheel !

password wheel

Don’t forget to write down your new password to not forget it.

You can also change passwords of all users (pupils and parents) at every moment. It is always the same process :

To change a password on Beneylu School, you need to generate a PDF file.

Passwords generated for pupils or parents are random. Only the teacher one can be customised.

Then you can :

Generate a password for your teacher account :

changer de mot de passe

Generate a password for a pupil / a parent if the latter has lost it. To do so, click on one of your pupil’s form. Then, click on “Create a new password” and select “For the pupil” or his/her parent :

password pupil

Generate passwords for the whole class :


Be careful, when you generate a form for the whole class and decide to generate a new one for a single pupil, only the last generated password will be working. The previous one will be unusable.

Is it possible for parents and pupils to customise their password ?


Passwords are randomly generated and cannot be customised. This allows us to insure the most reliable security within Beneylu School and prevent hacking attempts. Only the teacher password can be customised thanks to the Password Wheel.