Keep parents in the loop with a secure parent portal

Build relationships based on trust and involve parents in school with a secure parent portal designed for primary schools.

Communicate with parents easily

Use free web-based communication apps on a secure messaging site to share information with parents any time and from all types of devices. Need helpers for the school fair? Or maybe you want to share pictures from sports day?  Now you can!

Track viewed messages

With the tracking function you can monitor all sent messages. Send notes to parents and check all signatures instantly!

Get parents to join in!

Keep parents up to date with everyday class life. With Beneylu, parents can follow their children’s progress year-round!

Your classroom news close at hand

Share important information fast and easily: use the parents-teacher contact book to notify families of the next meeting in class, ask them for parental permissions or keep them posted about the organisation of the end of year show!


Build up a one-to-one contact

Receive all messages in a free Mail app directly linked with your Beneylu School account. A pupil is absent today? Check the Mail app and ask her/his parents about it - maybe they’ve already sent you the reason yesterday evening! It's super easy to have conversations between parents and teachers.

Works with all devices

Communicate with families from any device. You sent out parental permissions for a school trip? List all parents’ signatures on the parents-teacher contact book directly from your tablet at home...or wait for the lunch break at school to do it from your class computer!

In Primary Schools, parents have less contact with teachers. Now with Beneylu School, I can open the doors of my classroom and get families involved.