Beneylu School offers three packages: one for class, one for school, and one for larger projects. Choose the one that best meets your needs. 20,000 other teachers have already made their choice, now it's your turn!

Everyone has their own project

Beneylu School helps you with every project you have. We're supporting 25,000 classes : now all we need is you!



Work daily on a website that has been designed specifically for your primary school pupils. Personalise it by choosing your customised applications. Safely share photos of your most exciting moments with parents

1 account per pupil
(and for each parent)

5 guides to get started
and unlimited access to a support team

15 themed weeks
(every year !)


Full access
to our Beneylu Spot shop


£49 per month

Register pupils, teachers, and create classes. Work together through the media library, and communicate with the entire school through the school contact book. The school website will present your school to the entire world.

One school
administration board

One classroom of virtual teachers
(it percolates pupils, not coffee)

Six exclusive applications
to add a touch of magic to school life


Full access
to our Beneylu Spot shop


You’re well aware of the advantages a digital workspace has to offer to schools. You would like to facilitate communication with pupils’ families. Write to us, we’ll implement a project to cater to your needs.

One customised
virtual learning environment project

One highly-efficient
call centre

One unique
visual identity


One customisable
Beneylu Spot shop

What if working with your pupils was just more fun?

Beneylu School gathers together primary school-based applications, in a secure, online environment designed specifically for your pupils.

Designed for primary school

You'll feel at ease from the start, as will your pupils.

Beneylu School is entirely online: you can learn, play and read from the very first day without having to install anything.

Totally secure

Beneylu School is hosted in France.

You register your pupils and send their passwords to them. Your data remains safe.

Obligation free

Beneylu School is offered for free for the class, and has no advertising.

Prepare to set off on the Beneylu School adventure. Join the 25,000 classes that have already been launched.

The Beneylu Spot shop

Make use of our catalogue full of primary school-based applications

Your purchases are delivered to Beneylu School immediately, and are accessible to your pupils in the classroom or at home, through a single account.

Tablets ready

Beneylu School ensures the greatest ease in using your materials.

Take Beneylu School with you, wherever you go. Its applications adapt to your shiny tablets.

Creator of happy moments

At Beneylu School, classroom life can be shared with families.

A school outing, a birthday, a reading challenge? Tell us about your most exciting activities.

25,000 classes welcome you

A big thank you to your great team for giving us this amazing tool, for free! One that parents like as much as pupils and teachers do
Claire M.
Teacher, Year 2 (Nice, France)
classes using it

in the world, and now they are waiting for you !

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60% of which occur over three hours of the day

countries using Beneylu School

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