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    The blog is a great tool for documenting life in the classroom. From written reports, to photos, to sharing comments – it’s time to get your creative juices flowing!

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    The digital classroom for elementary students, kitted out with the best apps for your everyday class

    Let’s go take a look at it, shall we?

    The digital classroom for elementary students, kitted out with the best apps for your everyday class

    Beneylu School, at a glance

    What is a digital classroom on Beneylu School?

    Click the icons to browse a couple of apps

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    • The Blog

      The blog is for publishing articles for the class, with photos, videos and comments. Students will be proud to publish their work!

      Students write articles The teacher publishes the article once it’s ready Parents get to read student’s masterpieces
    • Homework Planner

      The homework planner is for organizing the classwork day by day. Include extra resources for more fun!

      The teacher posts classwork The students tick all the boxes Homework becomes “dog-proof”
    • Messages

      The messages app allows classmates to write to each other securely. Digital citizenship starts here.

      Students write their messages The teacher supervises their conversations Exchanges stay within the digital classroom
    • Media Library

      The media library is for sharing photos, videos, audio files, resources. All this in the privacy of the digital classroom.

      The teacher shares documents Kids create their student portfolios Parents can safely access photos
    • Workshop

      The workshop is for creating all kinds of documents: portfolios, presentations, school newspaper, exercises. Long live student collaboration!

      The teacher gives out access permission Students create their multimedia documents Layouts and widgets are user ready
    • Parent-Teacher Contact Book

      The parent teacher contact book is for family communication. One step closer to the paperless classroom!

      The teacher sends notes to parents Parents can give their signature online The teacher can check it has been received

    Your digital classroom is password protected

    Your first day of class on Beneylu School

    How to set up your digital classroom on Beneylu School


    Create your class

    You’re a teacher, right?

    Add your list of students

    Name, Surname, M/F, Birthday

    Choose some apps

    Homework Planner, Blog, Media Library

    Teach like never before!

    Guest starring your students
    Tried and tested in everyyyy kind of classroom

    Beneylu School, devoted to Elementary School

    Why does it work for every elementary classroom?

    100% Secure

    No ads, no nonsense. We keep your data safe

    All in one

    Everything you need for the entire school year


    Pick and choose the best apps for classwork


    Manage rights and access. Moderate discussions and work.

    Elementary friendly

    Straightforward and superbly designed to involve students

    Well supported

    Get chummy with the Beneylu team + helpful guides

    Beneylu School works on your web browser. In your computer, tablet or smartphone. There’s nothing to install.

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