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    What is Beneylu Classic?

    Already subscribed to the old offers? Wondering what’s going on?

    What is Beneylu Classic?

    This summer, the Beneylu team has been working hard to create a new package of subscriptions that will greatly simplify the lives of users.

    But what will happen to the classes that were already subscribed to the old offers I hear you say?

    Do not panic, we did not forget about you. Here are all the answers to the questions you may have.


    Do I have Beneylu Classic?

    Up until August 22nd, 2017, Beneylu School offered only the Beneylu School Classic subscription for the class or the school. So if you signed up by August 22nd, then yes! You’ve got Beneylu Classic. Congrats!

    The Beneylu School Classic subscription allows you to keep all your features and benefits for a class or school.

    Your Beneylu School Classic subscription is always free for the class and is payable for the school.


    I already subscribed to Beneylu School before August 22nd, 2017, what will happen?

    Absolutely nothing!

    If you have already subscribed to Beneylu School before August 22nd, 2017, you are on the Beneylu School Classic subscription, a golden oldie and you will remain as such as long as you want. You are part of our pioneers!


    Can I still get the Beneylu Classic Apps?

    To choose your applications, hop on over to Beneylu Spot. (Careful, it has become very beautiful!)

    Click the red button to add an application to your class or school. We will automatically offer you the app in the Beneylu School Classic version.

    You may also be tempted to move to one of the 3 new subscriptions:

    • Beneylu School Express
    • Beneylu School
    • Beneylu School Infinity

    You will then have to click on « Subscribe my class » to place your order and hey presto!


    What are the new subscriptions like?

    Beneylu School is now available in 3 class or school subscriptions because one size does not fit all.

    • Beneylu School Express is the essential subscription to get started (the yellow one).
    • Beneylu School is the ideal subscription for regular use (the red one).
    • Beneylu School Infinity is the complete subscription for all your everyday needs (the blue one).

    To find out more about the subscriptions, click on this link.


    Why did you guys decide to change up the old offers?

    Beneylu School is now offering 3 offers for the class and the school to fit with your needs.

    These offers were designed to facilitate the different needs of teachers, students and their parents. The teacher chooses the offer that corresponds to their needs and they can change their subscription according to their usage when they wish.


    I’ve still got a question, who can I ask?

    Any more questions?

    We are available from Monday to Friday after 3 pm to answer all your questions about your Beneylu School Classic subscription, about the new plans and to help you retrieve your lost password. Email us at support@beneylu.com

    See you soon!