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    The blog is a great tool for documenting life in the classroom. From written reports, to photos, to sharing comments – it’s time to get your creative juices flowing!

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    To connect to Beneylu School, follow the link https://beneylu.com/ent/.

    Enter your email address and the password you received by email when you signed up, and then click ‘Log in’.

    If there’s an error with your username or password, simply click ‘Forgotten password’, and enter the email address you used when you signed up for Beneylu School to receive a new password.


    If you’re still unable to login, write to us at support@beneylu.com. We’ll sort it! 😉


    To change the details of your classroom, including its name and school year, head into management mode in your classroom and click on the Customization tab.

    Enter your class name and grade/year, and write a welcome message on the board for your students. Save your changes, and admire the result!


    Absolutely! You can upgrade to Beneylu School for the whole school while keeping your password, username, and current digital classroom with all its content and users!

    Once the upgrade is delivered to your account, a School Space will be added to your Applications Panel.


    To discover the features offered by your Beneylu School subscription, visit the Apps page.

    A table summarizes the features of each application according to your subscription (Beneylu School, Beneylu School Express or Beneylu School Infinity).

    Consult it to decide which subscription will work best for you


    To get started on the right track, ask parents to sign a letter allowing photos to be shared within the secure confines of the Beneylu Classroom. This’ll be useful for when you want to insert pictures or photos into blog posts, or to share them in the Media Library!

    Once that’s sorted, let the adventures begin!


    If you know you’re going to use certain apps more than others, head to the Applications Panel > Manage our apps, and select the little star next to the apps you’d like to appear automatically in the bar at the bottom of your screen.

    Before you know it, they’ll be in your apps bar!


    The digital classroom serves precisely to share documents in a secure environment. It is generally useful to draw parent’s attention to the manner in which they use whatever images and documents are made available.


    We’d advise that you ask parents to sign a letter of permission for photo-sharing. Models can be found online, for example here (use as a model and edit/modify as relevant).


    You can create two different accounts for separated parents of the same child. Once you’ve done this, send the second parent their login credentials; he or she will be able to change their name once they login with these details.


    More details on managing accounts and users can be found here. You’ll be an expert in no time!


    A student has forgotten their password? Never fear – there’s no need to reset the entire class’s passwords!

    Head onto the student’s profile on the ‘My Classroom’ tab, in your classroom dashboard. Then click to ‘Create a new password’ > ‘for the student’.

    Have them cut and stick their new username and password into their workbook! 😉


    You’ve upgraded to Beneylu School for the whole school, and now you’re ready to get your colleagues onboard.


    To invite your colleagues to join your school space, head into the School Space app in your Applications Panel, and, in management mode, click on ‘Teachers’ > ‘Invite a teacher’.

    Enter your colleague’s username to invite them to join your school space; they will have received this when they signed up for Beneylu School (if they haven’t signed up yet, they’ll need to!).


    Your colleague will then receive an email invitation to join your Beneylu School school space and bring along with them their students and their parents.


    To sign out of Beneylu School, click on ‘Apps’ and then on ‘Log out’ (bottom left of the screen).

    If you remain inactive for one hour you’ll be logged out automatically.

    Have anymore questions?Contact us