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    The blog is a great tool for documenting life in the classroom. From written reports, to photos, to sharing comments – it’s time to get your creative juices flowing!

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    At Beneylu, our mission is to make school even more fun!

    We will always remember our elementary teachers, bending over backwards to create memories that will stick with us. Memories that we can recall as if it were yesterday! Like the day a firefighter came to class.

    School days make history.

    And what if school was even more fun? Beneylu makes this a  point of honour. It’s our mission to provide you with the tools that you need to do this!

    On Beneylu School you are the master on board. We create applications for your school. You use it with your pupils; talkative, restless and above all charming. 

    At Beneylu Spot, we strive to help you communicate, organize, transmit knowledge and have fun with your students, every day.

    At Beneylu Pssst, teachers exchange their secret, most treasured tips and tricks with each other. We are all here to learn from one another! Share your tricks!

    You are not alone! Everyday you can write to the Beneylu team who can give you inspiration to start a new activity, bring your students on an adventure or just update your web browser, all with a funny smiley and a few nice words. You can write to us at support[at]beneylu.com.

    Beneylu Jim, CARLA et Brabrabra are here to accompany you and your students from day one. Welcome to a universe imagined for elementary school!

    Meet the team behind the screens!

    Our lovely team; Benjamin, Eymeric, Florian, Emma, Jérémie, Aurélien, Lucile, Slaiem and Imani. Here they are, in action!

    At Beneylu, we love a good story

    Once upon a time, there were 3 engineering students who ate fries, played video games and debated their favorite Star Wars episode …

    The first is called Benjamin, the second Eymeric and the third Ludovic. One day, The Force was with them…or it was just too much Coca Cola (the red one, the real one) and they came up with the idea to create a platform that would link up classes all around the world. This is where our story begins.

    In the summer of 2007, Benjamin, Eymeric and Ludovic built their first school platform: APIC, animated by 20 years spent at school and their ambition to help teachers and their students to share good times. Little did they know, it would transform like a young padawan becoming a Jedi.

    APIC then grew into Beneylu School. 1,000 classes joined us and helped contribute to the vision of a site specially designed for elementary school. We move forward together. This is when the era of “teaching, fries and fun” starts!

    Enthusiastic feedback from teachers helped us to build on and improve Beneylu School. This was our Big Bang! The characters, the design, a real digital classroom, and even more fun!

    Fast forward a bit…the first students grew up, Beneylu School grew with them. They are probably experiencing their first crisis of adolescence as we speak. We’re thinking of them!

    We have had the chance to meet some of you in class with your students. What a joy to see you seize Beneylu School with them. Reading, writing and laughing about Beneylu School in your daily life. Thank you for these great moments.

    Our community is growing and growing! From France to 34 other countries throughout the world. Today, Beneylu School speaks French, Spanish and English. Bienvenue! ¡Bienvenido! Welcome! Beneylu Jim, CARLA and Brabrabra travel a lot! They don’t have much time left for us.

    2 927 games of office football later… 27 000 classes have joined us on Beneylu School. And that continues, come and join us!

    At Beneylu, we are a team of 34 000 (including you!)

    Ok so nothing to do with Benelux? Hmmm… not really! At Beneylu we are made up of people  all with the irresistible urge to make school more fun!

    34 000 classes

    Extraordinary teachers + their pupils, the stars + their brave parents

                                   11 team members

    fries + football + fun

    Our 3 adventurous heroes

    Beneylu Jim + Brabrabra + CARLA

    We wish we had Beneylu when we were at school!