Get classroom rewards for students with feedback 

Wouldn't it be lovely if you could get more resources for your hardworking students? Did you know that on Beneylu you can get 100% cashback just for giving feedback on a resource?

Yep - 100% (yikes!) So by sharing some feedback for other teachers, you get rewarded with another sparkling resource to use with your students.

How does it work?

Really easy -

Step 1: Buy a resource of your choosing

Step 2: Test it out! Tell us what you think. Share your feedback on Facebook for other teachers to see...via a status update will do!

Step 3: Send an email to Florian (florian@beneylu) or Emma ( with a screenshot of your feedback and get fully reimbursed in Beneylu credit. 

Does it work for all products?

Nearly! For all products under $20, you can get 100% cashback which means more great resources for your class!

Do publishers still get paid for their work?

Yes! It's a gift from Beneylu. Our mission is to bring teachers a brilliant range of classroom resources, we don't mind paying a little extra to do this :)

What is Beneylu credit?

Beneylu credit is a currency you can use on Beneylu Spot to buy resources for your class or your school.

Take a peek at what we have to offer!

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I have questions, how can I reach you?

The easiest way we can get in touch is via email, you can send a message anytime you want to Emma ( or Florian (florian@beneylucom), and we'll answer as quickly as possible.