Persuasive Writing Frames

Persuasive Writing Frames

Sunshine and Lollipops

The Persuasive Frames that are included in this packet are frames that I have used with my advanced first graders and/or seconder graders as I introduced persuasive writing in my classroom. Created by elementary teacher, Kathy, author of Sunshine and Lollipops.

1st - 3rd
Common Core
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Persuasive Writing Frames

The frames guide students to write to persuade. This is a super helpful resource when teaching first and second graders about Persuasive writing.


What's inside?

This resource is a PDF file. Inside you will find:

  • 5 frames worksheets

These sheets have specific persuasive ideas and then there is a blank sheet for you or your students to decide how they might want to persuade someone to think their way! 

What Ideas are included:

•  Persuade your teacher to play a favorite game.
•  Pretend you are a turkey and persuade the farmer not to serve 
you forThanksgiving dinner.
•  Persuade your principal that your school needs another recess.
•  Persuade your mom or dad to buy you a pet.
A writing form for students to use to explain why they think a 
particular piece is or was the most convincing and persuade the
class to think their way.
•  List of convincing words and phrases.


How it works

These sheets are intended to be used as a rough draft for a persuasive piece and then for students to rewrite a good copy. However, these sheets may be used whatever way you might like to use them. When I used some of these frames, I actually played a class game that students “convinced” me to play and also had the class vote on which letters or pieces were the most convincing and why.

These sheets can easily be used in a writing station, as an introduction for writing to persuade, to enrich stronger writers, or to remediate those in upper graders who need support with persuasive writing. These pages easily guide your students to sequentially write to persuade in an easy way. 

About Sunshine and Lollipops

Kathy is a retired 1st and 2nd grade looping teacher, who taught full time and part time in her hometown of Springfield, PA for 30+ years. She is wife, mom of three grown children and as of today a Mimi of three with one on the way. Kathy volunteers in her daughter’s Kindergarten Special Education classroom weekly.  She loves to create resources, write (blog) and has an obsession for shoes and chocolate.
Thank you for purchasing, downloading, browsing, following and inspiring! I hope this brings a bit of sunshine your way! I appreciate customer feedback and comments.


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