Print or Labeling the Room

Print or Labeling the Room

Sunshine and Lollipops

Labeling your classroom can benefit all children especially emergent readers and English Language Learners. Created by elementary teacher, Kathy, author of Sunshine and Lollipops.

Pre K-1st
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Environmental Print or Labeling the Room for Home and School

 used this as a word work activity for stations/Daily 5 and then it became a spill over or choice activity when work was completed. It was extremely beneficial for all students, although the benefits for ELL students were incredible. It enhanced vocabulary development with use of pictures and objects. I highly recommend this worthwhile activity!


What's inside?

This resource is a PDF file. Inside you will find:

  • 9 pages of black and white images for students to use to follow teacher directions
  • 9 pages of teacher directions for each image.
  • 2 Draw a Rhyme picture where students listen to a story that is in rhyme and draw what the teacher directs. One image will be a monster and the other a clown. These are great for discussions of Schema and maybe just for a fun Brain Break!


How it works

Although I am not a certified ELL teacher, I always seemed to have many ELL kiddos in my classroom and worked closely with our ELL teachers. One thing I always did even before I taught children with English as a second language was label my classroom. I would start off by reading the Alphabet Tree by Leo Leonni, which is a story that discusses, in a fun way, how letters make sounds, sounds and letters together make words and words together make sentences. After discussing the story we would then begin to label the room. If I did not have a label already made, I would write the word for whatever the kiddos wanted to label and then we would proceed over the next few days with taping these words near the objects they represented. Then I would model how to read the room and the students would practice how to do this.

About Sunshine and Lollipops

Kathy is a retired 1st and 2nd grade looping teacher, who taught full time and part time in her hometown of Springfield, PA for 30+ years. She is wife, mom of three grown children and as of today a Mimi of three with one on the way. Kathy volunteers in her daughter’s Kindergarten Special Education classroom weekly.  She loves to create resources, write (blog) and has an obsession for shoes and chocolate.
Thank you for purchasing, downloading, browsing, following and inspiring! I hope this brings a bit of sunshine your way! I appreciate customer feedback and comments.


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