Join us on our mission to provide teachers with brilliant classroom resources!

This past month we've been collaborating with other teachers and resource publishers on an exciting project to launch a sparkling new range of classroom resources for our teachers. As this collaboration continues to grow we are looking for other motivated individuals to join in on this project.


"Working with Emma from Beneylu has been super easy!  As a busy teacher-author, she has been very helpful in doing a lot of the back-end work for me such as uploading my products into my store and even marketing my resources on social media!  This allows me more time to focus on creating great content for teachers around the world. I'm excited to be apart of this educational community!"

- Rachael Parlett (The Classroom Nook)



What are we looking for?

We are looking for motivated teachers and education resource publishers who have a passion for creating great classroom resources to join us on our mission. We are looking for people who want to share their expertise and best practices with our lovely teaching community. If this sounds like you, you're in the right place.

Undoubtedly you will have a lot of questions, hopefully most of them will be answered here. 

FAQ's and their answers 

If I join in, how will I be paid?

  • You'll be paid monthly via Paypal. You will also get a monthly sales report so you can see how you've done!

What about commission?

  • We will only take 15% of your sales in commission, the rest is all for you!

Do I keep my ownership rights?

  • Yes! Think of us as a secure platform to share your resources with other teachers, you will keep all of your ownership rights. 

Is there a contract involved?

  • Absolutely, we have an official contract in place to reassure you about all the important details such as payment and ownership rights.

Is there a sign up fee?

  • As we're currently in the process of launching this project, there is no sign up fee to join in. 

What's in it for me?

  • You'll get to be part of a new and exciting project. We are really excited to be working with our great publishers. We are a small, incredibly hardworking team that will do whatever we can to help our teachers. We will build and edit your store to your requirements and we will help you promote it

What about promotion?

  • We like to do our bit to help our resource publishers. We will work with you to help you grow your education resource business. We do this in a couple of different ways, for example, we will run Facebook ads for you (yep, we pay for this!), we can publish your articles on our blog and we have some other little tricks up our sleeve ;)

I want to have a spot on your marketplace, what are the next steps?

  • Once you have read over the contract and are happy to join, we will build your store for you. (Our goal is to make the process as easy as possible for you.) You will be sent your own individual Google Drive where you can upload your resources along with product information and we will take care of the rest. Once your store has been created, we will ask you to take a look at everything, make any final edits you would like then we are ready!

 What will my store look like?

Here's a little peak at part of The Classroom Nook's store. You'll get a space for a banner, a bio and a logo too! You can take a look at some other stores here and here.

FAQs About Us

How many teachers use Beneylu School?

  •  We currently have over 27,000 classes using our platform in over 30 countries. 

Where is Beneylu based?

  • We are based in beautiful Paris, but our teaching network is worldwide.

How do I pronounce Beneylu?

  • Just like ben-ee-loo. It's quite fun to say!

Read about our story here.


Want to join in?

Or maybe you've got more questions. Either way, send an email to Emma at to find out more!

To get started just send -

  • Your store banner
  • A logo
  • A small bio, 2-3 sentences is perfect
  • Your first 10 resources you would like uploaded

 Then sit back and relax ;)